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Heavy Equipment & Fleet Washing For Your Midlothian Property

Fleet washing

The grime on your Midlothian fleet or heavy equipment is living proof of your team's hard work! Our heavy equipment washing and fleet washing services give your Midlothian industrial investments the spotless look that's ready to rock from site to site. Heavy equipment washing helps reduce long-term maintenance costs for your fleet investments. Whether it's cleaning one piece of equipment or an entire fleet, Midlo Pressure Pros has the expertise to be your number one resource for pressure washing in the Midlothian area.

Pride And Cleanliness, Your Company's Winning Edge

In the business world, cleanliness is about a lot more than just clean surfaces. It's the fastest way to signal commercial values to clients past, present, and future as well as employees who also benefit from well-maintained work equipment. Hard work warrants hard cleaning, and our pressure washing experts come ready to dial up the PSI to eliminate even the toughest industrial buildups on your fleet.

  • Equipment and fleets naturally collect dirt and debris over time. Residue can cover or discolor valuable signage or marketing.
  • Heavy equipment washing keeps branding tidy and visible. Make sure you get your money's worth!
  • Heavy equipment washing preserves surfaces as well as interiors and mechanical systems which helps you save on repairs down the line.
  • Pressure washing fleets and heavy equipment also saves on the invisible costs of a grungy fleet appearance. You may work in dirty business but dirty vehicles aren't the best representation of your company's hard work!

Fleet Washing

From pick-ups to semi-trucks to busses and bikes, you'll immediately see the difference our heavy equipment washing makes for your fleet. Our Pressure Pros will ease your mind with fleet washings for any size or situation.

  • Need an emergency cleaning for graffiti or vandalism on single pieces of equipment? We've got you covered!
  • No serious visible buildup but just know your fleet used to look better and brighter? No problem! Our Pressure Pros will restore vehicles to a fresh shine by removing standard buildup that collects over time.
  • Does your fleet need some extra curb appeal? We also offer parking lot and concrete cleaning services that make even the spots where you store vehicles shine. Such cleanings are especially useful for businesses whose fleets are part of the growing short-term rental market.
  • Attractive fleets are good for business. Your bottom line will thank you later!
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