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Offering Midlothian Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool deck cleaning

Whether you have a deck you want to be spruced up for summer or a newly installed pool deck, we've got your pool deck cleaning needs in Midlothian covered! Pool deck cleaning is just as big a part of creating an enjoyable outdoor space as cleaning the pool itself. Our pressure washing professionals get your pool deck in tip-top shape by removing stains, stuck-on debris, and organic materials from your deck using our modern pool deck cleaning techniques. We offer comprehensive pressure washing in the Midlothian area including pool deck cleaning, and we take pride in getting your home's outdoor space ready for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Our Pressure Pros know the ins and outs of pool deck cleaning. Whether you need plant matter removed, stains gone, or a pool deck pressure washed in preparation for a new coat of sealant, Midlo Pressure Pros guarantees A+ pool deck cleaning service from start to finish.
  • We make pool decks ready for regular use! Summer, winter, fall, spring, we'll make sure you're ready to enjoy your pool's outdoor deck any time of the year.
  • Pool deck cleanings help reduce the back-end maintenance costs of owning a pool. A clean deck helps keep pool water cleaner and easier to maintain.
  • We eliminate additional debris that might end up impacting your water quality, filtration systems, and pH balance.

"Pool Surround Washing"

Whether your pool surround is built from regular concrete, stamped concrete, patio pavers, natural stone, or wooden decking, we've got your pool cleaning needs covered. Midlo Pressure Pros trained experts tailor cleanings to your pool deck's surfaces for a fresh look that ensures longevity.

  • Surround washing removes stains and the invisible buildup of pool chemicals like chlorine.
  • Concerned about pressure washing a deck with potentially delicate surfaces? The Pressure Pros will evaluate if a SoftWash is right for you.
  • Soft Washing is the option we often pick for surfaces when pressure washing might be too powerful for delicate materials.
  • Soft Washing uses modified pressure washing equipment and cleaning solutions tailored to each job to safely clean surfaces without additional risk.
  • We also use Soft Washing on especially difficult stains that require extra effort.
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