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Ovilla's Leader in Pressure Washing Services


Ovilla has great diversity in homes and businesses ranging from modern to historic. It's one of the oldest but fastest-growing areas in the region, and we bring pressure washing expertise suited for buildings new and old. Knowing the cleaning needs of each and every surface in your life can quickly become an extra hassle, and at Midlo Pressure Pros we work to minimize your hassle with our pressure washing expertise suitable for any type of building or surface you need to be cleaned. Pressure washing in Ovilla can be as easy as calling 469-830-1630 or complete our online request form.

Pressure Washing Tailored To Any Ovilla Structure's Needs

  • From antique to modern, customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • We offer comprehensive pressure washing cleaning for homes, businesses, and more.
  • Popular services include roof cleaning, house washing, storefront washing, and gutter cleaning.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing our experts know how to care for all types of surfaces ranging from brand new materials to historic pieces that require a softer touch
  • We'll evaluate your surface then dial in equipment and hand-pick cleaning solutions specifically tailored to your surface's material and current condition.
  • We select soft washing options when dealing with delicate or historic materials.

Roof Cleaning In Ovilla You Can Count On

Midlo Pressure Pros proudly helps our clients maintain the lifespan of their investments while also transparently helping you understand what we recommend and why we recommend it. Roof cleaning is one of our most popular services and also one of the best-value investments you can make to protect your Ovilla home or business.

  • Performing roof work carries risks! We recommend professional services for your roof because we value your safety and also believe in the Midlo Pressure Pro's difference.
  • We don't take shortcuts, we just give results!
  • For historic or delicate buildings we offer soft wash services which look similar to pressure washing but utilize much less pressure to properly protect your building.
  • We pick soft washing for roofs or surfaces where pressure washing might be too powerful. Soft washing uses modified pressure washing equipment and cleaning solutions tailored to each job.

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