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Deck Cleaning & Fence Washing Professionals Serving Midlothian

Deck cleaning

From deck cleaning to fence washing (and everything in between), Midlo Pressure Pros is your number one choice for pressure washing in Midlothian. Home tools often can't perform the intensive work required for your deck cleaning or house washing. Over time animals and humans leave behind residue on surfaces from daily activity. Residues from chemical, synthetic, and organic material will stain over time. As a homeowner, you have more important things to do besides cautiously monitor your deck for new stains daily, and that's where Midlo Pressure Pros' deck cleaning services come in.

Providing Thorough Pressure Washing Services For All Deck Surfaces

  • Pressure Pros are not only the most convenient fence and deck cleaning option, we're also the safest!
  • DIY pressure washing might tempt you, but deck and fence surface cleanings are best done by professionals.
  • Dialing in the pressure washer too high or spraying too close to your deck or fence runs the risk of damaging the surface permanently.
  • We pride ourselves on cautious efficient work and aim to treat your home the same way we'd treat our own.

Fence Washing

Fence washing is an important part of home maintenance. We recommend fence washing because it removes mold and other materials that build up over time. You might be due for a fence washing if you've noticed the color has faded over time, and Midlo Pressure Pros is ready to help get your fence back to its original shine.

  • Our number one priority is leaving your fence in better shape than we found it!
  • Pressure washing fences requires special care. Many fence surfaces have weatherproof coatings that novice pressure washing mistakes can damage permanently.

If you have delicate antique or painted fences, don't fear because we've got solutions! Our Pressure Pros experts may select the soft washing method for these types of fences after an evaluation where they will hand-pick a cleaning solution best suited for your fence surfaces. The soft washing process looks almost the same as pressure washing does, except it uses lower PSI than pressure washing (but more than a garden hose).

House Wash in Midlothian, TX


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