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Alvarado's Pro Pressure Washing Services


We're a growing company proud to offer a comprehensive selection of pressure washing services in the Alvarado area. Though Alvarado has a quiet and relaxing surface, we know that residents are working hard to hold onto the beautiful rural lifestyle while taking modern leaps too. From commercial needs like heavy equipment washing to comprehensive structural services like roof cleaning and house washing, we have the tools and experience to make surfaces shine.

  • Pressure washing is the most popular and efficient way to restore surfaces to their original shine
  • Pressure washing also extends the lifespan of structures and surfaces by removing dirt and grime
  • Natural buildup over time requires deep cleaning. In the long run pressure washing reduces the chance of unexpected deep costs from rot and decay
  • To get started with professional pressure washing for your Alvarado home or business call 469-830-1630

The Pressure Pros Difference

We got our start in Midlothian but proudly serve several communities in the DFW Metroplex including Alvarado. Our trained experts bring clean surfaces and results directly to you. No shortcuts, guaranteed. Our top priorities are customer satisfaction and dedication to our craft that makes a difference. We're prepared to grow with you no matter your needs now and in the future because earning clients for life is simply good business.

Alvarado Roof Cleaning That Passes On The Savings To You

Roof cleaning is one of our most popular services especially in rural areas where roofs may be exposed to extra dust and grime from agricultural activity. We recommend roof cleaning as a top tool for keeping your structure clean and free from unexpected repairs. From homes to commercial roofs or auxiliary buildings on your property, our trained experts handle are ready to handle it all.

Proper roof maintenance is an easy and low-cost way to protect your investments from top to bottom. A well-maintained roofs helps rainfall drain properly to gutters which leads rainfall where you want it to go instead of allowing it to pool where it doesn't belong. The drainage benefits of roof cleaning also help protect home and commercial landscaping from water damage that may result from improper drainage.

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