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Get To Know Your Northeast Texas Climate

Plant growth

Don't get a wrong read on Texas! Despite its dry reputation, the state is vast and home to many subclimates each of which brings different needs for cleaning exterior surfaces. East Texas and the Midlothian area are located in a subtropical climate which brings lots of humidity year-round, especially in the summertime.

Aggressive Plant Growth In Humid Climates

Year-round humidity brings conditions ripe for unwanted plant growth on exterior surfaces that are best removed by pressure washing professionals. Relatively temperate East Texas winters combined with moisture from humidity allow for algae and mold growth when you might not expect it. Here are some tell-tale signs of plant growth on exterior surfaces.

  • Green or brown discoloration, especially on vinyl siding.
  • Differences in color from one side of a structure to another. Plant growth is extra common on north-facing walls.

Plant growth is a mostly cosmetic issue and is easily removed through pressure washing. If left unwashed long-term, plant growth may cause damage to exterior surfaces. We offer comprehensive services like gutter cleanings for other surfaces most susceptible to plant growth.

The Pressure Washing Difference In Plant-Growth Removal

Pressure washing is the number one way to remove plant growth on exterior surfaces and restore their original color. You can often remove the visual effects of plant growth using less powerful techniques, but these methods often leave behind plant matter that's invisible to the naked eye. Midlo Pressure Pros' plant growth removal for your exterior surfaces is just a phone call away at 469-830-1630!

  • Pressure washing effectively removes plant growth through pressure. Small micro-organisms and plant life are no match for pressure washers which rip invisible plant life away while leaving surfaces intact.
  • Plant growth also feeds on dust and dirt that normally builds up on surfaces over time. Pressure washing removes the food sources of plant growth like mold which extends surfaces' lifespan and saves you money.
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